Leading the Growth Mindset Classroom

Guiding and Supporting your whole school approach to Growth Mindsets

with Certified Growth Mindset trainer
James Anderson

Last Year’s Initiative?

The two biggest concerns shared by school leaders I work with are...

  • How do we ensure that Growth Mindsets don’t become another of last year’s initiatives?
  • How do we embed, support and sustain this important work in our school so it makes a positive and enduring difference to our students?

We’ve all seen it before. We invest huge amounts of time, energy and
resources into the latest educational trend. But all too soon we
move on, before the initiative’s promised, lasting changes to
teacher practice, student outcomes and school culture come to

The promise of Growth mindsets is clear. In a distinguished
career spanning more than 30 years, psychologist Carol
Dweck’s research clearly shows that the development of a
Growth mindset leads to:

  • Improved motivation
  • Increased resilience
  • Greater persistence
  • Higher performance and more

Sustaining Your Mindset Journey

Not only are students’ Mindsets important – teachers have the power to change them! What we do in the classroom influences our students’ Mindsets. Indeed, teachers are Mindset Makers who create experiences that build and support Growth Mindsets.

Developing a Growth Mindset Classroom is a journey.

We begin by moving beyond the gimmicks to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of Mindsets. We then recognise Mindsets as a continuum, and our role as teachers in moving students towards a more growth-oriented mindset. As we continue our journey we refine and extend our pedagogy so our classroom becomes a place where students' Growth Mindsets are deliberately nurtured and supported.

What I’ve realised is that many schools start their Mindset journey with enthusiasm, but soon falter. They’re unsure about the next steps, unclear about the resources required or unable to access ongoing expert support.

This is when schools run the risk of letting Mindsets become “last year’s initiative”.

That’s why I’ve developed the Growth Mindset Classroom Online Resource. It equips schools and teachers with the strategies and support they need to make enduring differences to teacher practice and student learning outcomes.

Continuing your
school’s Mindset
journey takes
time. It requires
more than a
workshop. It
needs nurturing,
resources and
ongoing support.

What’s in the Leading the Growth Mindsets Classroom online resource?

Sustained change is best led from within. Leading the Growth Mindset Classroom is designed with your team of Mindset leaders in mind. It gives you exactly what you need to lead the rest of your staff to become Growth Mindset Teachers.

To support your team of Mindset Leaders, you will receive:

The Growth Mindset Classroom Online Course

The Growth Mindset Classroom Online Course
Your entire staff* will receive access to the Growth Mindset Classroom online
. This extensive course includes short videos explaining more than 50
practical classroom strategies on how to develop a Growth Mindset

Lessons for Succeeding with Growth Mindsets in Real Schools

Lessons for Succeeding with Growth Mindsets in Real Schools
Your team of Mindset Leaders will gain access to this online course and learn
how to avoid the common pitfalls and misunderstandings that can derail your
Growth Mindset Journey.

Leading Mindsets in your School Webinar Series

Leading Mindsets in your School Webinar Series
Join other schools on the Growth Mindset Journey as we address common
issues, explore new learning and share new resources to support your work.
One live webinar per term.

Ongoing Mentoring and Support

Ongoing Mentoring and Support
Need a question answered? Certified Growth Mindset trainer James Anderson
will help you address issues, review resources, create plans and more with
phone and email support throughout the year.

Growth Mindsets Professional Development Library

Growth Mindsets Professional Development Library
A large and growing collection of practical activities and resources that
provides hands-on learning for your whole staff. All the activities and resources
have been either created or handpicked by Growth Mindset trainer James
Anderson, so you can be assured they represent best practice based on the
most current learning.

These are not add-on “how to teach mindsets” strategies. These are practical teaching
methods your teachers can use as part of their day-to-day teaching practice, improving
student learning outcomes and contributing to the development of Growth Mindsets.


If you have a question about the Growth Mindset Classroom Online Resource, please feel free to contact James Anderson. He’ll be more than happy to help.


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